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2003-11-05 - 1:10 a.m.


I know it has been too long since I have last made an entry, but sometimes there isn�t enough time even for the more simple things in life. I have some exciting news, I am going to be finishing my hypnotherapy courses this week and soon I will be able to offer these services to anyone in my area. I am pretty excited. I already have a few clients lined up. People that I know are anxiously awaiting my certification. I really can�t wait. I am going to devote my practice to helping Women. I don�t think there are enough alternatives out there. I hope that I can be one that can help. I have had a number of people approach me about questions regarding their beliefs of religions of many kinds. It seems to be an undying subject. Well what can I say? I know it is hard when we put all our faith into something and see no manifestation of improving our situations. Sometimes I think we pray for the wrong things. Then we get discouraged because God and Goddess didn�t deliver that 30 million lottery winning I had prayed so hard for during the past 3 years and think I even kept celibate longer that a catholic priest. And by the way all of you that don�t appreciate my catholic humor just to let you know I did my time 12 long and grueling years of catholic school with actual Nuns and Priests. I can say not all were badly about them very few of them were actually good. But that is a subject for another day. I have been exposed to about every religion you could possibly think of and I keep getting the same information over and over again from different people (I prayed hard and hard as I possibly could and I still didn�t win the lottery. God has dammed me) No actually I think people have dammed themselves. We need to start taking responsibility for our own destinies. If I want to be rich then I need to go out and make my fortune by working some endeavor or in some entrepreneurial way. We can achieve any goal we set our minds to. In any case God and Goddess watch out for us and it isn�t fair to God and Goddess to blame them for something that may not be our destiny to begin with and then sit there and wonder why God and Goddess have abandoned us. The truth is we abounded them and we abandoned ourselves. Well I hope I do get the opportunity to reintroduce people to who they are and who they can become and most of all not to feel disappointed when we don�t get that 30 million we have prayed so very hard for.

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